Which Meters Can Be Monitored

Remote reading via Solar Monitor system is available for any devices with pulse output SO. In particular:

  • electro meters
  • water meters
  • gas meters

Device list suitable for this kind of monitoring is being prepared.

The Use of Online Monitoring

Customers appreciate online reading when devices are accessible with difficulties or when it would be necessary to attend personally at certain time periods. Online reading can serve for automatic reading or personal calculations and statistics. Most frequently used applications are:

  • measuring power and heat produced from renewable resources (FVE, VTE, MVE, BPS, KGJ)
  • automatic reporting of energy produced from renewable resources
  • regular reading of water and gas consumption for distributors
  • reading energy consumption in distant buildings
  • reading energy consumption in rented holiday buildings
  • overview of household energy consumption
  • energy consumption reading for blocks of flats or condominiums

Where Can I Find the Values?

You can find the measured values at our Web Portal. The values from your devices are recorded every hour and displayed. You get a perfect overview of energy production or consumption for all your devices. Everything is presented in clearly arranged graphs and figures.

What Do I Need?

For remote monitoring you need a meter with pulse output S0. I.e. water meter, gas meter or electro meter must have terminals for connecting data cable (twin cable). Connect the cable to the RM module delivered by Solar Monitor.  Maximum three meters can be connected to the module. This number is usually sufficient for a household or distant building. In case it you need more modules, we will be happy to provide extra modules.
Finally, you need internet connection. If it isn't available, we can provide RM-GSM module for online reading. The module sends data via mobile phone operator's network. Insert the SIM card into the module and your device is connected to the internet.


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