Sensor Set


By connecting a Sensor Set to the Solar Monitor unit you get other important values. You can perform energy audits, calculate the potential power and compare it with the real one. Temperatures and exposure may also serve to trigger other processes, alarms, etc.


Sensor Set contains

  • Ambient temperature sensor - 5m length (sensor is intended for external mounting)
  • Solar radiation sensor, mounting plate and 10m PUR cable with M8F connector
  • Panel temperature sensor - 1,5m length (connects to the solar radiation sensor!)


Which option of Sensor Set to choose?

  • Sensor Set + 10 m PUR cable with M8F connector - for common installations where the solar radiation sensor is placed up to the distance of 10m from the Solar Monitor unit.
  • Sensor Set + connector M8F - for installations where the sensor are placed more than 10m from the Solar Monitor unit. The set contains the M8F connector only for which you purchase the required number of meters of PUR cable.



Get Solar Monitor and you get this Sensor Set with a big price advantage.


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