Selection of Solar Monitor unit options – depending on the number of invertors




Mini installations Family houses with
1 inverter
Family houses with
more inverters
Larger installations Solar parks
Maximum number of invertors 1 1 6 30 100
Option of connecting sensors and other modules  
Output relay  

Invoicing and ERU record

Production graphs
Monitoring PV plant
Optional GSM modem
Sending data to the portal:


Demo Sites

We prepared several publicly available Solar Monitor units on a real PV plants. Click through the PV plant name will take you directly to the web interface of the Solar Monitor on a remote site. So you can look at their performance and current data online. Use the right column to click to a collected data of the PV plant on the web portal portal.solarmonitor.czThe web portal allows you to monitor your PV plant over the internet from anywhere, even without a public IP address.

  PV Plant Name
Solar Monitor Model
  Říčany 2 portál SMA SM2 60
  Tesla Praha Východ portál AEG PV2000 SM1 30
  SVP Solar Říčany portál Fronius IG Plus 50-1 SM1 30
  Srnojedy portál Aurora 4.2kW SM1 30
  Zlín 1 portál Fronius IG 30  SM2 Start
  LSF portál  SolarMax 6000 S SM2 Start
  Enerfin plus portál  Aurora 12.0kW SM2 Start


Solar Monitor Features

  • comfortable remote PV plant monitoring via PC (local net or any location on the internet) 
  • watching current energy production and its revenues
  • monitoring sensors data and comparing current and potential power
  • informing about outages or breakdowns via email or text message
  • issuing invoices to customers (ČEZ, E.ON,….)
  • protecting the plant from theft or lightning
  • sending the data to the web portal to enable detailed characteristics monitoring

Extension Modules

Solar Monitor is a modular system. Our modules add extra functions. HBUS connects the modules to DIN with a simple click, no other connecting necessary. Info on particular modules:

SM2 - AD (Analog Digital)

Extends the number of inputs and outputs (for other appliances, sensors and output relays).

SM2 - PC (Power Control)

Controls PV plant’s production according to consumer’s instructions.

SM2 - DI (Digital Inputs)

Increases the number of devices that can be connected to the Solar Monitor unit with digital inputs.

SM2 - GSM (GSM Modem)

Enables sending information via text messages.

Supported Devices


Solar Monitor supports most of inverter manufacturers. Their logos can be found below the text. Some inverter manufacturers sold them under several brands as OEM versions. If you can not find your manufacturer's logo inverters, please contact us for clarification.

AEGCarlo GavazziDanfossDeltaDiehlFroniusgoodwehuaweiKacoKostalMastervoltMavisis MorningstarOmnikOmronPairanPower ElectronicsPower OnePower TrapRefusolRielloSanternoSatconSchneiderSiemensSilikenSMASolarEdgeSolarmaxsolax powerSolutronicStecaStuder-InnotecSungrowSunvilleSunwaysVaconVictron EnergyVoltronicXantrex

Safety relays and measuring modules

Solar Monitor supports these manufactures of the safety relays and the measuring modules.

ABBbmrCarlo Gavazzifinder 2FroniusIneproIridonKMBPhoenix ContactQeedSchneider ElectricWattrouterYorixZPA

Web Portal

  • Accessible monitoring even without public IP address
  • Detailed characteristics display
  • Longterm diagnosis of invertors and stringboxes
  • Energy audit comparing data with PVGIS or ČHMÚ
  • Single monitoring of multiple PV plants and invertors
  • Option of central monitoring for more customers
  • Storing and editing invoices option

User can set up sending data to the portal in Solar Monitor configuration in the section: System set up / Net and time. Tick the option Allow sending data. User needs to log in to our portal ( with the following entries:

  • Name: final 6 numbers of Solar Monitor’s MAC address
  • Password: heslo

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