Solar Monitor, little brother of PLC

17 June 2019
The PLC is predestined for consumption management in relation to the power production. Possibility of PLC programming depending on particular situation enables that. Programmability is undoubtedly a...


20 January 2016
Our products fulfil standards for obtaining the license and they are labelled by the ČESKÝ VÝROBEK (CZECH PRODUCT) logo.

Summary of Hybrid System Monitoring

23 February 2015
Hybrid PVP’s manufacturers focus on maximum efficiency in using and storing the output power. However, system for easy monitoring of a particular energy flow has been rather neglected. We have added...

Software Bridge for SMA Webbox and SolarMax Maxweb

05 August 2014
If you use the SMA Webbox or Solarmax Maxweb to monitor your PV plant, we are capable to gather data from these dataloggers, handle them and display them at the Solar Monitor Web Portal. If you have...

Certificate ISO 9001

17 July 2014
Our company has introduced and has been using management quality system according to the ISO 9001 norm. The certificate can be found in the Certificate section.